Home Networking Essentials

When you want to hook up more than one computer to your DSL modem, you need a network.

You must first decide two things about your network: 1) Are you going to use Red Shift supplied IPs or a router to create your own? 2) Are you going to run wires to each PC or use a non-wired solution (such as wireless or power line adapters)

You either need an IP for each PC or you need a router that will create additional IPs for you, such as a “wireless router” or a “DSL router”. Using extra IPs is the easiest way to setup a home network, but using a DSL router or wireless router will also work.

If you can you run wires to each PC, or they are already in place then you will only need to buy one of the following two items setup your network: 1) 8 port (or larger) switch if you’re using Red Shift IPs or, 2) a DSL router if you need to create IPs on your network.

If you cannot or do not want to run wires then you have two options: 1) Wireless – you need to buy a wireless router, plus a receiver for each PC. 2) Power line – you need to buy one for each PC, including the DSL modem.  Power line will work by itself if you have Red Shift IPs or with a DSL router if you wish to create your own IPs on your network.

For more information, give us a call.  We also have networking services available.

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