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Please note: Effective June 1st, phone support hours will be from 8AM to 6PM during the business work week of Monday to Friday. email note: Hotmail and related Microsoft domains are no longer blocking emails!

Scam alert: There is a new scam email going around that takes the form of a threat to expose the recipient’s web browsing actions (it makes the assumption that the user is looking at porn sites) and threatens to expose the user unless they pay the scammer a certain amount of money in bitcoin.
This IS a scam, and the scammer does NOT have any info about you. They do not have your contact information, nor can they send anything about you to the contacts.
Please just delete the email if you get it.
For more information about this scam, read this article.

All systems are functioning normally.

If you are experiencing a problem not addressed in the above message, please contact us.


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