Red Shift Customer Server Settings

Red Shift Internet Services offer a variety of email services, all of which use different settings to connect to your email. Please use the guide below to find your settings.

Server Port Numbers:

Email Type POP POP with SSL IMAP IMAP with SSL SMTP SMTP with SSL 110 995 143 993 25 or 587 465 110 995 143 993 25 or 587 465 110 995 143 993 25 or 587 465
Hosted Domain 110 995 143 993 25 or 587 465

Host or Server names:

Email Type Incoming Mail Server Outgoing Mail Server


Hosted Domains are a little different. If your website is being hosted with Red Shift Internet Services, we typically set the email server to be An example of that is “” for

Hosted Domains

Power Mail:

For clients still using power mail, your email address is actually an alias domain that forwards to a Red Shift email account. Typically set to go from > If you want to set up an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird, you will need to know your Red Shift email address and password. Please call the customer care department if you need help retrieving your login info.