Why do I often get spam that’s not addressed to me?

Spammers use lists of E-mail addresses. The specialized programs that are used to send spam will take a list and use the BCC: (Blind Carbon Copy) features to send to all addresses on the list, without any of the recipients seeing the addresses, including their own. It’s important to remember: the To:, From:, and other fields of the e-mail that are usually visible DO NOT contain the addressing information that is used to deliver e-mail to your mailbox. The address information is contained in the Envelope of the e-mail that is discarded when it arrives at the e-mail server. The e-mail server then places the message in your mailbox. If it was in your mailbox, it was addressed to you. The Red Shift Network will not place unsolicited e-mail in any mailbox for a fee, nor do we condone the abuse of our customers in any way relating to spam.