Webmail says I’m over quota! But I can’t delete messages because I’m over quota! Help!

You are seeing this problem because the large E-mail put you either over your available quota or close to over your available quota.

When webmail deletes an E-mail message, by default it moves it to your trash folder, by first copying the message to the new folder, then deleting the original message. This copy operation is failing because Webmail doesn’t have enough room to copy the message, so it never gets to the second step of actually deleting it. The solution to this is to temporarily turn off your trash folder, so that when you delete a message, it is immediately gone.

To do this:

1) Log into Webmail and click on the Options link.
2) Click on the Folder Preferences link.
3) At the top under Special Folder Options, you’ll need to change the Trash Folder option to “[Do not use trash]“
4) Click the Submit button at the bottom to save your changes.

Once this is complete, you should be able to delete messages again. Once the large message is gone or you’re back under quota, just follow the steps above again and change the Trash Folder option back to “Inbox.Trash”