DSL+ for Your Home

This Internet service does not require a phone line and allows for higher service speeds than standard DSL.
Red Shift does not impose bandwidth caps on its customers.

DSL+ Service Options

DSL2+ SpeedIP TypeContract TermMonthly Fee
Up to 768/384Dynamic (1)**12 months$24.99*
Up to 1500/384Dynamic (1)**12 months$29.99*
Up to 3000/512Dynamic (1)**12 months$35.99*
Up to 6000/768Dynamic (1)**12 months$39.99*
Up to 12000/1000Dynamic (1)**12 months$45.99*
Up to 18000/1500Dynamic (1)**12 months$49.99*
Up to 24000/3000Dynamic (1)**12 months$59.99*
Up to 45000/6000Dynamic (1)**12 months$69.99*
Up to 75000/8000Dynamic (1)**12 months$99.99*

**Static IPs are available. Please call for pricing.

DSL+ Equipment Options

*A modem is required to use this service.

  • Purchase a modem for $100 plus tax — 1 year warranty

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